Owned and operated by an active first responder. Manufacturing quality Kydex gun holsters and magazine pouches since 2010. 

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Our Gun Holsters are light weight and curved to contour to your body. We don't sell cookie cutter holsters. Each holster and magazine pouch is formed and trimmed to meet the needs of the specific make/model pistol you select. 


Our OWB Kydex Gun Holsters hold tight to the body and coupled with only being on average about 5-3/8" wide, you forget you are wearing a gun. Our IWB Holsters are held snugly by a single center mounted clip or a trigger guard mounted Hansen Hook.  


Our products are made in the USA and so durable we offer a Lifetime Warranty.  If you break it! We fix or replace it! We use only high quality materials 


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Customer Testimonials

10-31 Double Mag/Cuff Combo

Mag/Cuff case
  01/28/2016   I love the magazine/cuff case, it's built with a high attention to detail and I'm very pleased with the product.

Excellent holster.
  12/31/2015   This is the best setup for my line of work as a Parole officer. I  added the cuff holder, and extra flashlight holder to the double mag  holster. Fit and finish is excellent, and the communication with these  guys is excellent. I ordered a few other products, and everything I  ordered was equally awesome. This is the only place that I'll order  kydex products from.

Custom mag/light/cuff carrier
  12/30/2015   I didn't see exactly what I wanted listed on the website. I sent  an email request for a single magazine, flashlight, and cuff carrier. My  e-mail was answered within a few hours. I gave the specifics of the  gear I wished to carry and the configuration and was told no problem. I  received my completed carrier in a little over 7 days. That's amazing  for custom Jude's in my opinion. The fit and finish was top notch and  the carrier has been on my duty belt since the day it arrived. It has  performed exactly as I had hoped, clears up much needed space on my duty  belt, and is constantly complimented by fellow officers. I recommend  warrior concealment to all my co-workers looking for custom gear.

Double Magazine Pouch
  12/30/2015   Great product!

Mag/Cuff/Spray Pouches
  06/15/2015   First off I would like to say that Warrior Concealment has the  ABSOLUTE BEST customer service I have ever dealt with. If he don't have  it, he will MAKE IT and he will make it just like YOU want it. Every  pouch is fine detailed and your equipment will fit like a glove. I would  recommend ANY product made by Warrior Concealment for duty/off duty or  concealed use. I would trust my life with anything he makes!!!! Thanks  again!!!!

10-8 Gun Holster

  03/22/2017   This holster is absolutely what I was looking for. Fits close to  the body that keeps a slimmer profile opposed to other kydex holsters  that accommodate a taclight. High quality, looks great. Highly  recommended.

Officer Welch
  01/04/2016   Kydex for my new Glock works great. Very durable and can be worn with almost any outfit for any season. Thanks.

10-8 holster
  12/31/2015   I have 2 holsters from Warrior one was a  gift, when I saw the  quality I immediately ordered one for the second weapon. This is the  place to go for your holsters  and accessories.


GREAT Customer Service
  08/19/2015   So, I ordered a holster for my G19. After about 2 weeks it hadn't  showed up yet, so I called the company.  They were very apologetic and  mailed it out to me next day air (I live in AK).  I received it within 2  days and I received a free dbl mag pouch as well.  Great product and  service.  The comfort and feel is great, I've forgotten that they're  there.  I will/have recommended this company to my civilian/LEO/military  friends.

10-8LB Gun Holsters

Perfect Holster!
  02/13/2017   Purchased this holster for off duty g19 and absolutely love it!  Great draw, slim fit, comfortable...For everyone required to have a hood  on their holster, there is not a better product at a better price!

G19 w/ LR1 HL
  01/28/2016   Awesome holster, the build looks great and the fit and finish are  perfect! I intend to use this as my main holster when wearing my  training uniform and for CCW use. Five *'s

Outstanding quality product
  01/08/2016   First look at the 10-8 LB holster as I opened the book and I knew  I ordered a quality holster. Superb design and cut. Super snug and
Perfect  fit for my gun and weaponlight. All my fellow firearm instructors were  really impressed with the design and look of the holster I had on my  hip. I definitely will be purchasing more products from warrior  concealment. The fast shipment and the detailed photos of products was  and will always be the major selling point for me. I already put the  holster thru its paces during tactical training and I am truly happy.  The level 2 hood is a little stiff apon first use but will break its  self in with use. I will definitely will be recommending warrior  concealment to everyone in my agency. Working for the third largest  sheriff's office in the country, lots of business is coming your way.  Thank you for your quality service and products.

Great Build!
  01/03/2016   I am a State Trooper, firearm instructor, and SWAT Operator.  Performance is much needed in my line of work.  There are several  Troopers that run this system on and off duty with great results!  Between the holster and the compact mag/cuff case its hard to go wrong.   We run equipment hard and expect it not to fail, so far that's what I  got!

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